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Section 3 – Referees

3.1.      Director of Referees
3.1.1    Is responsible for referee assignments at and during WAF competition.
            3.1.2   Is responsible to supervise the referees during the competition and issue a
                       performance  report card at the end of the tournament to each participating referee.

3.1.3   Is responsible to remove any referee that is deemed irresponsible or tech technically unfit to Referee a WAF tournament.

3.1.4   Is responsible to bring to the attention of the WAF executive, documented proof of a Referee who is to be disciplined for unwarranted behavior or blatant misconduct.

3.1.5   Is responsible to make certain referees conform to WAF referee dress code at WAF tournaments.


3.2.      Director of Referee Training

3.2.1   Is responsible to assure assigned referees are competent both physically and technical, to referee a WAF tournament.

3.2.2   Is responsible to implement a short but comprehensive referee clinic with assigned referees prior to the competition.

3.2.3   Is responsible to oversee a worldwide referee training program, implement the program and to keep current to any changes in rules.

3.3.      Competition Referee
3.3.1   Is responsible to wear proper WAF dress code for referees which is short sleeve black and white striped shirt, with stripes being 1” wide, black pants, socks and shoes. Individuals name and ranking maybe printed on their back. Ranking to appear on right shoulder sleeve, 1” up from cuff.
3.3.2   The referee will not be allowed to wear a country flag on his / her shirt (2001).
3.3.3   Is responsible to know WAF rules thoroughly and to make certain to attend WAF clinics prior to tournaments.

3.3.4.   Is responsible to conduct themselves in an unbiased and professional manner. Referees are not to congratulate individual competitors; they may congratulate both competitors on a match well done.

3.3.5.   A qualified referee will be allowed to referee on day that they are not pulling.

3.4.      Stand up Style Referee
Two table top referees will be used.
3.4.1   The referee starting the match will be deemed Head Referee of that particular match. Assistant Referee will watch for elbow fouls at start of match and assist in assuring a fair start. After the match has started, the two referees will watch each their side for fouls or a pin.

3.4.2   Once a referee is set at a table, he/she cannot be removed, unless for lack of competence or technical knowledge.


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