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Section 5 – Competition Rules

5.1.      Double Elimination Seeding

5.1.1    WAF Championships will always be double elimination. All contestants must lose twice. No seeding prior to championships. Contestants are placed on draw sheet by luck of the draw. Team members from the same country will not be matched against each other on the first round if possible.

5.2.      General Guidelines

5.2.1    Contestant for each weight class will be announced and they will come to the stage to be verified against the draw sheet.

5.2.2    Contestants’ names will be called and they have 60seconds to come to the table. Failure to appear in 60 seconds, they will be given a loss. They will approach the table, shake hands with their opponent, and then take a grip.

5.2.3    Anyone with long hair will have to have their hair restrained in some fashion. Headbands are permitted but not hats.

5.2.4    Referees are not there to use force or wrestle with you. A referee will lightly touch
competitors’ hands to see that they are properly aligned, wrists straight and arm centered to the table tops.

5.2.5    No breaks in contest during or between matches, unless there is equipment failure, draw sheet mistake or authorized by officials

5.2.6    No competitor will be matched twice against the same opponent unless for place standing.

5.2.7    The referee’s may give a disabled puller some allowances for his handicap.

5.2.8    You can only pin your opponent on the winning side of the table.

5.3.     Setting up / Start of Match

5.3.1   The grip is palm to palm, grip at thumb, thumb knuckle must be visible. Gripped hands  should be level on a plain at the forefingers. Freehand will grip the hand peg provided  at the table edge. This arm may or may not touch the table top. Finger  nails should be trimmed so as not to injure your opponent. Stickum / rosin / chalk  are permitted.

5.3.2   Backpressure to the extent that it pulls your opponents arm across the marked cente rof the table will not be allowed. This infraction will be deemed the same as a false start.

5.3.3    Shoulders will be kept square to the table. They may slope to either side before the start.

5.3.4    There will be a hand width between the shoulder and forearm of each competitor as well as between the chin and hand prior to the start.

5.3.5    The signal given by the Head Referee is “Read…Go!” in an unspecified cadence. At the end of the match the referee will say “Stop” and indicate the winner by raising his arm towards him/her. All effort must be made by the referee that the competitors are aware the match is stopped.

5.3.6    A pin is when any part of the natural wrist line to finger tips, touches or goes below the touch pad.

5.3.7    Competitors legs can be wrapped around the table leg or braced against an opposite table leg prior to start of the match, providing they are not interfering with their opponent. Feet can be off the ground during the competition and legs can be moved in any fashion, as long as they don’t interfere with their opponent.

5.3.8    In the event of any injury during competition, the competitor’s name will continue to be brought forward until he/she has fulfilled the two loss commitment. The match that competitor was injured in will be regarded as a loss.

5.3.9    There is no time limit during an actual bout. However, if in the estimation of the Head Referee or a WAF authorized physician, that a competitor is deemed unfit to continue, the match will be stopped.

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