Persatuan Sukan Lengan Negeri Selangor telah mengeluarkan keputusan rasmi Pertandingan Gusti Lengan KEPUTUSAN RASMI MR SELANGOR 2014/2015

MR SELANGOR 2014/2015 , 13 JUN 2015 KLIA

MR SELANGOR 2014/2015 , 13 JUN 2015 KLIA dari kiri Jimmy Lim, Azmy Nen, Roni Iskandar Mansor dan Nur Hidayu Nor Rongzi...


.Tanpa perlu bercerita panjang, gambar-gambar sendiri bercerita betapa hebat pertarungan untuk merebut gelaran Mr Selangor ...


YB Dato' Irmohizam Hj Ibrahim, Member of Parliament Kuala Selangor and President of Selangor Youth Council officially appointed as Patron of Selangor Armwrestling Association (SAA) affective from 15 May 2015...

MR SELANGOR 2014/2015

Kemuncak Kehebatan ahli gusti lengan Selangor..


Siapa yang akan bakal muncul juara untuk membawa pulang gelaran MR SELANGOR 2014/2015. Jom kita saksikan..


TAHNIAH kepada pemain-pemain Selangor yang mewakili Malaysia kerana telah beraksi hebat dan memenangi perlawanan yang mereka sertai pada pertandingan gusti lengan ARMWRESTLING SUPERMATCH 2013....


Book Sutiwat menang 2 kategori. Pemain Malaysia bagai

Aksi Mr. Willy Deneumostier di WAF 1st Asian Technical & Referee Seminar

Monday, May 28, 2012



Section 3 – Referees

3.1.      Director of Referees
3.1.1    Is responsible for referee assignments at and during WAF competition.
            3.1.2   Is responsible to supervise the referees during the competition and issue a
                       performance  report card at the end of the tournament to each participating referee.

3.1.3   Is responsible to remove any referee that is deemed irresponsible or tech technically unfit to Referee a WAF tournament.

3.1.4   Is responsible to bring to the attention of the WAF executive, documented proof of a Referee who is to be disciplined for unwarranted behavior or blatant misconduct.

3.1.5   Is responsible to make certain referees conform to WAF referee dress code at WAF tournaments.


3.2.      Director of Referee Training

3.2.1   Is responsible to assure assigned referees are competent both physically and technical, to referee a WAF tournament.

3.2.2   Is responsible to implement a short but comprehensive referee clinic with assigned referees prior to the competition.

3.2.3   Is responsible to oversee a worldwide referee training program, implement the program and to keep current to any changes in rules.

3.3.      Competition Referee
3.3.1   Is responsible to wear proper WAF dress code for referees which is short sleeve black and white striped shirt, with stripes being 1” wide, black pants, socks and shoes. Individuals name and ranking maybe printed on their back. Ranking to appear on right shoulder sleeve, 1” up from cuff.
3.3.2   The referee will not be allowed to wear a country flag on his / her shirt (2001).
3.3.3   Is responsible to know WAF rules thoroughly and to make certain to attend WAF clinics prior to tournaments.

3.3.4.   Is responsible to conduct themselves in an unbiased and professional manner. Referees are not to congratulate individual competitors; they may congratulate both competitors on a match well done.

3.3.5.   A qualified referee will be allowed to referee on day that they are not pulling.

3.4.      Stand up Style Referee
Two table top referees will be used.
3.4.1   The referee starting the match will be deemed Head Referee of that particular match. Assistant Referee will watch for elbow fouls at start of match and assist in assuring a fair start. After the match has started, the two referees will watch each their side for fouls or a pin.

3.4.2   Once a referee is set at a table, he/she cannot be removed, unless for lack of competence or technical knowledge.



Sepuluh Pengadil PSLNS Dapat Pengiktirafan WAF

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, 24 Mei, 2012. Seramai sepuluh orang pengadil termasuk seorang pengadil wanita Persatuan Sukan Lengan Negeri Selangor berjaya mendapat pengiktirafan kelayakan Pengadil Gusti Lengan  dari World Armwresling Federation (WAF) hari ini.  Kesemua mereka telah dianugerahkan Diploma Pengadilan Gusti Lengan  First Level World Armwresling Federation (WAF) yang telah disampaikan sendiri oleh Mr. Willy Deneumostier, Setiiausaha Agung WAF pada majlis penutup "WAF: the 1st Asian Technical & Refereeing Seminar" yang diadakan di Exchange Trade Centre International (ETCi), Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur. Di dalam majlis yang sama Encik Mohd Zil Fadli Abdul Halim daripapads PSLNS telah dipilih sebagai peserta terbaik.Kejayaan ini membolehkan meeka menjadi pengadil mana-mana pertandingan gusti lengan di seluruh dunia.

Pengadil-pengadil PSLNS yang mendapat pengiktirafan itu ialah;

1. Ab Aziz Ali
2. Zil Fadli Abdul Halim
3. Shamsul Kahar Mohamad
4. Mohd Fauzi Mohamamd Basri
5. Sazali Nazaki
6. Sarwan Hussein
7. Shuhaimisidi Shamsuddin
8. Mohd Nizar Yusof
9. Ahmad Fikri
10. Siti Hawa Abu Bakar (W)

PSLNS mengucapakn ribuan terima kasih kepada Amiran Armwrestling cademy (AAA) terutamanya Encik Amir bin Ahmad, Presiden AA kerana telah menganjurkan program bersama WAF ini dengan jayanya.

Mr. Willy Deneumostier - WAF Secretary-General, mahu jumpa ANDA semua di Kuala Lumpur!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mr. Willy Deneumostier - WAF Secretary-General, akan berada di Kuala Lumpur mulai 23 - 25 Mei, 2012 sempena dengan program "1st Asian Technical & Refereeing Seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia" . Kedatang beliau ke Kuala Lumpur telah dibawa oleh Amiran Armsport Academy. Mr Willy berhasrta untuk bertemu dengan seramai mungkin mereka yang terlibat dengan sukan gusti lengan di malaysia khususnya. Jadi kepada anda semua jangan lepas peluang ini untuk bertemu beliau pada 23 hingga 25 Mei, 2012 di Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

Sedikit sebanyak tentang Mr. Willy Deneumostier yang dieptik daripada laman web

Mr Willy dan keluarga.

Meet Willy Deneumostier, WAF General Secretary

Willy Deneumostier was born at 5:35 a.m. September 13, 1955 in Han sur lesse, Belgium, a small Village well know for his beautiful grotto and Natural Park near the town of Rochefort.

He lived a quiet life coddled by his mother, father, five brothers and three sisters. In 1965 at the age of 10 years old a tragic accident claimed the life of his mother and gravely injured his two young brother and sister they were on the brink of life and death for over 3 months.

His father was very busy, with his enterprise of 30 employees and could not find enough time, so the children were reared by their grandmother and different children nurses. It was not the idea situation for a little boy coming from three generations of Hotel-Keeper-Restorer with a very strict father.

Willy was told that he must learn the wheels of the family profession. "It is the rule in this family - You need something you work for it. You don’t receive anything without working in the enterprise".

At the age 12 and for the next six years he started to learn how to work in the kitchen, in the bar and in the dinning room. He lived a very good school life but he missed his mother and the affection a normal family life could bring. He found it in different social activities such as helping the penniless, non-profit associations and activities like the boyhood movement in town, tourist information bureau and town politics for youngsters.

A good student, he studied accounting at the college to please his father, but what he really wanted was to be involved in sports. His Father did not agree, he wanted his family to follow the professional tradition and continue the enterprise. Willy did not agree so at the age of majority, he started studying Physical education at the University of Brussels.

He found real pleasure in practicing all forms of sports - Soccer, Rugby, Handball, Basketball, Cross-country, Athletics, Judo, Boxing and Power-lifting. He did very well in all the disciplines, several times classifying in the first three in the Belgium’s championship of athletics discipline. As a member of the National University Team in Sports discipline, he spent all his days and weeks involved in the top league of Soccer, Rugby, Handball and Basketball. He finished his studies in 5 years. During the last year of his studies, during a soccer match he very badly injured his right knee (double slit of crossed ligaments). Immobilized for six months, he decided to follow a journalist's formation at the University.

During his study years, he worked as a Docker during the holiday in Anvers at the seaport and in a restaurant during the school year. These five years have stayed unbelievable engraved in his mind as the 5 most beautiful years of his life. He meet many high level sportsman and sports woman, traveled with different teams and discovered what friendship, happiness and fair play meant in sports. This is probably why Willy does not stand for unfairness, hypocrisy and bad authority.

In 1978, he rediscovered a childhood girlfriend who had been in love with him for the past 10 years and he decided to come back home to live with her. In 1979, they decided to get married.

Working in the family enterprise with his wife, Willy did not feel this was right for him. Not wanting any more conflict between himself and his father (they both had very strong characters and did not work well together) he decided to take a job with the Belgium National Railway Society as a platelayer.

He registered for all the test that he could and within six months he passed his exams and became a Level 1 Station Master, he was nominated to work in the big Jemelle Station (250 workers) near Rochefort and he has been there for the past 21 years.

Having some spare time, he opened a Restaurant (50 places) with his wife Jacqueline because she was bored in Eprave. For the next 19 years they worked 15-hour days (8 at the railways-7 in the restaurant) all while trying for a family. Unfortunately, in 1982, during soccer match, Willy had received a ball shouted at point blank in his lower abdomen. This accident sent him to the hospital with internal hemorrhaging . The surgeons operated on him for 14 hours trying to repair and reduce the damage, Willy closely escaped deaths door. In 1984 after another 7-hour operation the Surgeons told Jacqueline and Willy that they would probably never have Children. For this couple, this was a very dirty trick of fate.

Willy and Jacqueline wanted so much to have a big family together, that they would not give up. They started contacting different specialist hoping that through medical break through they would find a way to have the children they always dreamed of. In 1992 through their Doctor they heard of a new method developed in Belgium - the Fecundating Method. After 10 years of trying every method in existence they had new hope once again.. For two years they tried this method without result but progress was being made in this field everyday and they tried once more.

On November 13th, 1995 after two miscarriages in 3 years their Hell turned to Paradise. A son was born, he measured 52 centimeters and weighed in at 2.955 kg, then February 21, 1997 his little sister Jane was born and Faith shined once more when on January 13th, 1999 the twins Alice and Celia blessed the Deneumostier Family.

Four babies in 3 years, life was now complete. He can never thank his wife enough for her courage, her support and her love during all those years of difficulty. She is the only reason why Willy is always optimistic and truly believes in life. There is no problem that does not have a solution. He feels you must always believe in the beauty of live. Try to do your best and you will be rewarded. This is why he believes in the power of human beings finding new techniques, progress and reconciliation. The World grows with the Spirit of Family, Love, Happiness and Friendship, not with hate, personal interest and egotistic behavior.

After seeing the film Over the Top with Sylvester Stallone in 1991, Willy organized his first tournament in his hometown. After seeing the Paris Bercy Armwrestling Show he realized that he was not the only person who had fallen in love with this sport and in 1992 along with his friend Jean-Marie Lavaux (still President) he founded the Belgium Armwrestling Association.

They decide that their only goal would be to promote armwrestling to be recognized as a real sport. Along with 12 Belgium competitors Willy attended the 1992 World Armwrestling Championships in Geneva Switzerland where he met armwrestlers who were just as passionate as he was with this new found sport of Armwrestling.

Willy was Vice-President of the Belgium Armwrestling Association for 3 years and President from 1995 to 2000 when he decided to let the younger generations continue his work and handed over his duties to Kathy DefĂȘche - 5 time top 3 Champion at the World Level.

In 1992 Willy and Jean-Marie held their first International Belgium Championships with 4 countries present. It has become one of Europe's most prestigious events with more than 200 competitors from over 15 different countries attending each year. The top 3 winners of this event have gone on to be World and Continental Champions in their weight class.

To help work towards EAF unification Willy and his team have agreed to let their friend Petra Spatz, German President hold the 2003 European Championships on the date usually reserved for the Belgium annual event.

Willy's armwrestling accomplishments have been many - he has taken a 4th in 1996, 2nd in 1998 and 1st in 1999 at the Worlds Master Division in the 100-kg class. He has taken a 4th in 1996, 3rd in 1997, 2nd in 1998, 1st in 2000 and 2nd in 2001 at the European Championships Master Division. He is also a 7 times Belgium Champion. He has not been training much since 1999 being busy with his children and official responsibilities for the EAF and World Federations.

He became WAF's Interim General Secretary in 1998 and was elected by a majority 29 Country vote in 2002. Since 1998 he has been Director of International Relationship for the EAF. He is the Foundation of both organizations and assures that the Constitution and Rules and Regulations are kept and followed around the World. Along with his team he has successfully controlled the Registration, Weigh-ins and scorekeeping for the World Championships since 1998.

If you look for one word that would best describe Willy no one would dispute it to be "Passionate". Passionate about his work, Passionate about the people he works with but most importantly he is Passionate about the Sport and its Sportsman, wanting only to improve the quality of each event, working hard for reunification and striving for Sports recognition.

His quality of friendship, justice and organization is very precious to anyone who works with him. His purpose is to serve the Armwrestlers. He is sometime inflexible & stubborn but it is always in the best interest of the sport. He is incorruptible and believes that discipline in following the rules is the only way to be recognized by the Official Institutes.

Huge strides have been made in the last 5 years in the World of Armwrestling, under the guidance and dedication of Willy Deneumostier and Fred Roy. They continue to invest their time and energy because they believe in continuing the Dream of Sport and Olympic recognition.


Thursday, May 17, 2012


Nampaknya ada lagi pertandingan gusti lengan. Kali ni akan di adakan di Melaka,serentak dengan pertandingan gusti lengan YGM Karnival Generasi Y di Dataran Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson  pada 3 Jun, 2012.

Maklumat lanjut pertandingan di Melaka adalah seperti berikut;

Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka,
Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia, 75000 Melaka, Malaysi

Tiga kategori disediakan dalam pertandingan!!


JOHAN RM500.00 + piala!!!
NAIB JOHAN RM300.00 + piala!!!
KETIGA RM200.00 + piala!!!
KEEMPAT RM100.00 + piala!!!


JOHAN RM500.00 + piala!!!
NAIB JOHAN RM300.00 + piala!!!
KETIGA RM200.00 + piala!!!
KEEMPAT RM100.00 + piala!!!


JOHAN RM300.00 + piala!!!
NAIB JOHAN RM200.00 + piala!!!
KETIGA RM100.00 + piala!!!
KEEMPAT RM50.00 + piala!!!

4. Kategori Wanita
JOHAN RM300.00 + piala!!!
NAIB JOHAN RM200.00 + piala!!!
KETIGA RM100.00 + piala!!!
KEEMPAT RM50.00 + piala!!!

[men's right 75 kg and above]
1st place RM500.00 + trophy
2nd place RM300.00 + trophy
3rd place RM200.00 + trophy
4th place RM100.00 + trophy

[men's right 75kg and below]
1st place RM500.00 + trophy
2nd place RM300.00 + trophy
3rd place RM200.00 + trophy
4th place RM100.00 + trophy

[men's left ]
1st place RM300.00 + trophy
2nd place RM200.00 + trophy
3rd place RM100.00 + trophy
4th place RM50.00 + trophy

[ladies's right]
1st place RM300.00 + trophy
2nd place RM200.00 + trophy
3rd place RM100.00 + trophy
4th place RM50.00 + trophy

entry fees:RM10 per categories
Yuran Penyertaan: RM10 sahaja.
Masa pendaftaran dari 10.00AM hingga 11.30AM pada hari pertandingan

Sertailah pertandingan gusti lengan ini
di Hatten Square pada 3 JUN 2012 (10AM-7PM)
untuk memenangi hadiah-hadiah lumayan yang disediakan

For more information, please contact:
Pejabat Gusti Lengan Gan Boon Leong
06-2848282 (Mr.Tay)



Lepas Johor Baharu, jom ke YGM Armwrestling Port Dickson, 3 Jun

Tak banyak maklumat yang Badangpower dapat mengenai Pertandingan Gusti Lengan Karnival Generasi Y yang akan diadakan di Port Dickson pada 3 Jun, 2012, Bagi yang tak ke Melaka pada 3 Jun, 2012 ni, apa lagi jom tunjuk power kat Port Dickson.

Check this out!

Armwrestling: Over The Top 2012, Johor Baharu 19 Mei, 2012

Salam Sejahtera untuk semua.

Kepada peminat-peminat gusti lengan Malaysia, satu pertandingan gusti lengan "ARMWRESTLING: OVER THE TOP 2012" pada 19 Mei, 2012 di Plaza Angsana, Johor Baharu.

Butiran lanjut adalah seperti berikut;

Tarikh: 19 Mei, 2012 / 10.00 pagi - 6.00 petang
Lokasi : Plaza Angsana


1. Lelaki Kategoei A: 85kg ke atas
2. Llelaki Kategori B : 75kg - 85kg
3. Lelaki Kategori C: 75kg ke bawah




Juara  : RM300, medal dan sijil
Naib Juara : RM200, medal dan sijil
Ke tiga - RM100, medal dan sijil
Ke 4 - 8 : Hamper

Semua poeserta akan mendapat beg godies.

Artis-artis Raja Lawak dijangka akan turut bergusti lengan.

Jomm, jumpa anda di sana.

1st Asian Armsport Technical & Refereeing Training Seminar by WAF @ ETCi, Merdeka Square, KL

Friday, May 11, 2012

Salam Hormat,


Merujuk perkara diatas di sertakan salinan surat jemputan serta program kursus latihan teknikal dan pengadilan sukan lengan oleh WAF bertempat di dewan ECTi ,Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur pada 23-25 Mei 2012 anjuran AAA bersama WAF.

Sila buat pendaftaran di ruangan borang pendaftaran di lampiran serta kembalikan kepada pihak Akademi seberapa segera dengan senarai peserta masing-masing terbuka pada pegawai sukan, jurulatih, ahli sukan dan para pengadil untuk lelaki dan wanita.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Majulah Armsport untuk semua,

Amir Ahmad


Jemputan untuk semua: 1st Asian Technical & Refereeing Seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Dear Presidents of armwrestling Federations and Associations throughout the Asian continent.

Amiranz Armsport Academy (AAA) Malaysia with the cooperation of World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) is honoured to welcome all Asian armsports technical personnel, referees, members, groups, clubs and individuals to join and participate in the 1st Asian Technical & Refereeing Seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as detail below:

Date : 23rd to 25th May 2012

Venue : Exchange Trade Centre International (ETCi),

Merdeka Square, No.70, Jalan Raja,50350 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.

Instructor : Mr. Willy Deneumostier - WAF Secretary-General, from Belgium.

The seminar is one of the steps to help strengthen technical knowledge and refereeing skills in armsports for each country in Asia, well-preparing yourselves for WAF-sanctioned tournaments, championships, clinics and related events in the future.

Malaysia will be the Southeast Asian hub to promote this sport and take it to higher levels and boost its credibility among Asians, with WAF standard rules and regulations, and also to encourage more practitioners (armwrestlers, technical personnel & referees), tournaments, championships as well as creating more fans. AAA envisaged that an Asian-level international tournament to be hosted annually in every Asian country.

For flight arrangement, accommodation and transportation (airport-hotel-venue), AAA with our airline partner Malaysian Airline System Berhad and travel management company MASholiday will provide the participants the signature ‘Malaysian Hospitality’ throughout the seminar week. For any enquiries of the booking and payment please contact our AAA representives, Mrs. Ayu Emelda Othman (+6019 - 367 0981) or Mr. Azlan Ramli (+6012 – 633 2055).

We welcome all delegates and participants to Malaysia which is rich with culture, heritage and hospitality.


Thank you.

Yours in Armsport,