Solo Wrestling Technique For Beginners

Friday, April 5, 2013

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By: Jennifer Potts
Break Studios Contributing Writer

Using a solo wrestling technique for beginners during your training will make you a better wrestler. When you incorporate several of these techniques into your training, you will notice that you start to improve even faster. After a period of time, you can tryout your solo wrestling techniques with a partner and find out if you have graduated from a beginner to an intermediate wrestler. Then, pro is just around the corner.

Practice footwork drills. Footwork drills are an essential solo wrestling technique for beginners. Start by getting down the wrestling stance. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly and stiffen your back muscles. For footwork drills, practice moving all around the mat while staying in the stance. During a match, you might be moving backward, forward, diagonally or from side to side, depending on the movements of your opponent.

Go through takedown wrestling moves with a pretend partner. Get into your wrestling stance and imagine that your partner is coming at you. Drop to the mat and reach out for the back of his knee. Pretend to pull forward and make room for the takedown. Another takedown wrestling move to practice involves surprising your partner when he’s not facing you. Attack your pretend partner from behind and grab his wrist. Twist his arm behind his back. Then, wrap your other arm around his neck for a headlock. All the while, make sure you keep the wrestling stance you practiced, which integrates the solo wrestling techniques for beginners.

Strength train with limited weight. As a beginner wrestler, you might assume that the best technique is to start bodybuilding. However, wrestlers should actually develop lean muscles, not bulky muscles. This means you should be weight training with about 75% of what you can actually lift. To build lean muscle, you should also move faster than you might normally during weight training.

Build up your core muscles. A huge part of wrestling techniques involves using your core muscles. They help give you power when coming out of submission moves, and they help give you strength to overtake your opponent. A strong core means a strong wrestler. Specific core exercises to use include sit-ups, leg lifts and crunches. Whenever you’re working on solo wrestling techniques for beginners, keep your core muscles strong to work them out and use their power.

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