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Section 4 – Protocols

4.1.     Rules of the Tournament

4.1.1    The World Championships will always be held from the middle of November to the 1ST  week of December.

4.1.2    Right and Left arm events will be held on separate days.

4.1.3    Each weight class will be called to the stage when it comes to their turn to compete. They will be accounted for as per draw sheet. Then the matches will begin. A specified area will be secured for the pullers whose class is being run. The officials wills end these pullers to this specified area (2001).

4.1.4    Wrist wraps, straps, elbow bandages/supports or cups, protective wraps, rings or bandages are not permitted on arms. * An arm is defined as that portion of the body starting from the shoulder and continuing on and ending at the finger tips.

4.1.5    Individuals (unless authorized by the Head Referee at a table), may not approach a table to within 20 feet. Strict penalty maybe enforced.

4.1.6    Points will be deducted from a country’s team for breach of discipline or poor

4.1.7    Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and it could lead up to and including being barred from the tournament.

4.1.8    No challenge matches allowed during or immediately preceding the competition. No disruption of scheduled proceedings allowed.

4.2.    Drug Testing

4.2.1     Drug testing will be allowed in all World, International, Continental and National Championships,provided they are WAF sanctioned. Complainant will have to deposit required fees in US dollars along with an official letter to be submitted to WAF chairman or standing committee on discipline.

4.3.   Fines

4.3.1    Mobile phones that are switched on during competition or in Congress meetings will be charged a $10 fine. The Host of the event will be given an exception. Air horns or any such loud instruments will not be allowed in the audience (2001).

4.3.2    Any unauthorized competitor or official who come on stage during the event will be charged a $50 fine.

4.3.3    Fee of $50 will be charged to hear a protest, if your protest is up held the $50 is returned to the country, if the protest is denied the country looses the $50 fine.

4.3.4    Fine will be charged to competitors, coaches and spectators who use bad language towards The referee’s.

1st Offence $100             
2nd Offence $ 200
3rd Offence $300 6 month suspension to any future offences

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