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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Salam 1Malaysia.

Nampaknya kebelakangan ini isu tentang ukuran sebenar meja gusti lengan muncul kembali. Memang tidak dinafikan bahawa terhadap perbezaan ketara saiz yang diguna pakai di Malaysia, berbeza diantara satu negeri ke negeri yang lain. Isu sebegini s ebenarnya membebri masalah kepada pemain-pemain. Ada sesetengah pemain enggan bermain di negeri-negeri tertentu dengan alasan saiz meja yang diguna tidak sama dengan saiz yang buiasa digunakannya.

Untuk tidak memanjangkan lagi isu ini, pihak PSLNS menyeru semua pihak yang terlibat merujuk kembali kepada ukuran sebenar yang telah ditetapkan oleh World Armsport Federation (WAF).

World Armwrestling Federation Rules & Regulations (version 2009) Section 2 – Equipment Specifications.

Section 2 – Equipment Specifications

2.1 Table
Sit down: 28" from floor to top of table.
Stand-up: 40" from floor to top of table.
All other specifications are identical for both sit down and stand-up table tops.

2.2 Table top
36" across and 26" deep.

2.3 Elbow Pads
7"x 7" square shape. 2" thick, made of heavy high quality foam material, covered with a vinyl/rexin type cover. The foam and covering can be attached to a 1/8" metal sheet, 7"x 7" with two threaded bolts 1/4" diameter x 1 3/4" long, welded to the bottom to be able and attach your elbow pads to the table top. A line, either painted, upholstered or taped from hand grip to hand grip to establish center of the table will always be used at WAF tournaments.

2.4 Touch Pads
14" long x 4" high. Made of good quality touch pad

2.5 Placement
Elbow pads should be set 2" from their respective edge. They should overlap each other by 1/2 to the right of center for a right arm table and overlap each other by 1/2 to the left of center for a left arm table.

2.6 Touch Pads
Should be on an angle, 5" out from the inside corner of the elbow pad to the inside corner of the pad and 1/2" from its respective edge measured to the outside corner of the pad. Running at an angle towards the hand peg it should measure 2 3/4" from the hand peg to the outside corner of the touch pad. If it’s for a right arm table, these measurements should be made on the left side of the elbow pad and reversed if it’s a left arm table.

2.7 Hand Pegs
Should be placed midway at 13" on each edge of the table, 1" in from the edge.The peg itself should be 1" in diameter and 6" high form the table top.

2.8 Seats
They should be 18" square and 18" from floor surface to seat top surface. The front edge should be exactly in line with the table edge. The seat and table should be secured to a platform or floor.

2.9 Material
The best material to use is square tubing although tubular steel, flat iron or angle iron may be used, but not more than 2" in diameters or width. The table top and seat top are normally made of 3/4" thick plywood. The table top and seat may have a thin sheet of foam, covered with vinyl/rexin type material to add a comfortable finished look. No plexi-glass or reflective tape is to be used on the table top or seats.

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kamarul73nks said...

Mana nak beli barang ni

kamarul73nks said...

Mana nak beli barang ni