WAF Rules of Armwrestling: Section 1 - Technical Rules

Monday, July 18, 2011

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Section 1 - Technical Rules

1.1.      Teams 

Must be composed of Members of Country represented. If required, a team member or individual may have to produce any document demanded by WAF to establish proof of his/her nationality to so represent his/her Country. The term “team” for all intents and purpose, will mean all of the categories presented, both left and right arm, both female and male. A team trophy will be awarded, based only on total points accumulated for all categories in both genders. Teams can be broken down to determine points by gender, only to establish ranking of female and male teams of each country. Team can be further broken down to left and right arm categories, again by gender to further establish rankings. Trophies will be awarded in these categories if the host country wishes, but only with written permission from WAF.

1.2.      Number in a Team

Up to two competitors per Country in each right and left arm categories. This includes Senior, Masters, Grand Masters, Disabled and Youth Divisions.

1.3       Weight Classes

Men:  0 –55kg,60kg,65kg, 70kg,75kg,80kg, 85kg,90kg,100kg,110kg& 110+kg
Women: 0– 50kg;55kg;60kg; 65kg;70kg;80kg & 80+kg

Men: 0 –70kg; 80kg;90kg; 100kg & 100+kg
Women: 0– 60kg; 70kg; 80kg & 80+kg

Men: 0 –75kg;90kg;100kg & 100+kg

Men: 0 –60kg;75kg;90kg & 90+kg
Women: 0– 60kg;70kg;80kg & 80+kg

Boys: 50kg;55kg; 60kg;65kg;70kg; 80kg & 80+kg
Girls: 45kg;50kg;55kg; 60kg;65kg;70kg & 70+kg

1.4.      Weigh-ins

There is no clothing allowance; therefore weigh-ins will be done in the nude if an athlete wishes to qualify for a certain weight class. (Weight has to register to zero, i.e. if 70kg class it will have to zero to 70.0kg). Without prejudice or bias, if an athlete has artificial limbs or limb, they must weigh-in with them on if they wish to compete with them on.

1.4.1  There will be no dispute regarding procedure during weigh-ins. Weigh-ins will follow registration roster by numerical order, i.e. first team to register with WAF General Secretary, will be the first team weighed and so on. The WAF will have the right to disallow entry to any country not meeting WAF requirements or which creates disorder.

1.4.2   All weigh-ins to be done on WAF approved scales. Weigh-in will be done no sooner than 24 to 30hours before the first day of competition start time. All participating referee’s are allowed to weigh-in with the Juniors & Masters before the 1stday of competition.

1.4.3   During weigh-in, an athlete may be accompanied by a team official of their own country.

1.4.4     More than one official weigh-in scale may be used.

1.4.5     The Director of weigh-ins is the final authority on all weigh-in procedures.

1.4.6     A competitor may weigh-in to their normal weight or jump one weight class higher.

1.5.      Age Groups, same for both Men and Women

Please note: Age will be determined by calendar year.

Sub-Junior  -  12 years and under
Junior  - 18 years and under
Senior any age above 18 years
Masters - 40 years and above
Grand Master - 50 years and above

  • If so required by WAF, proof of age will have to be given by producing a bona fide passport or medical certificate.
  • If so required by WAF, proof of gender may be required under qualified medical supervision by WAF appointed physicians..

WAF Minor officials are responsible for team point tabulation and breakdown of rankings in all categories. Team points will be counted individually for Senior Classes, Master & Grand Master points, Junior points and Disabled points.

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