Thursday, December 6, 2012

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Amiranz Armsport Academy, Malaysia
Dear All Participants,

We regret to inform that the event date for International Armwrestling Championships Malaysia 2012 (IACM 2012) has been postponed as below:

1. WAF Asian Technical & Referee Seminar : 21-22 February 2013
2. IACM 2012 : 23-24 February, 2013.

The organizer is fully apologize for the inconveniences due to unforeseen circumstances where the number of participant in our registered list who confirmed attending this event as todate are very less than per our expectation. We had a meeting with sport commissioner authority and getting further extension period to enable more international countries participation with sufficient time for their preparation. We found that many participants has withdraw from attending the event due to financial problem and some other federation whose requested more time for preparation to send their team players and also some country having their national championships event on the same period.

We oblige the demand and request for majority of participants who interested to join our international championships - IACM Golden Cup.

Therefore, we wish to apologize again for the postponed event date in order to succeed the event in acceptable arrangement to meet the expectation and ROI of our sponsors and event partner.

Kindly please do contact us president@amiranz-academy.com or +6013-2683589 should you need further clarification, if any.

-Board of IACM 2012-

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