Offical Result Armwrestling Competition Fiesta Belia Selangor

Monday, November 26, 2012

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Official results Plaza Alam Sentral Armwrestling competition:

75kg below

1st - Mohamad Nizar Yusof
2nd - Hairul nazli
3rd - Melvyn loh
4th - Abdul Razak
5th - kow peng kuon
6th - Ahmad Johari
7th - Saddam Wafa
8th - Dave Hum Yien How

75kg above

1st - Valen Low
2nd - Mervyn Siew
3rd - Jake Chia
4th - saedon
5th - yasser
6th - haris abdullah
7th - fauzi basri
8th - ismail talib

Congrats to all !!!!!

Courtesy Zil fadli
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